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Thanks for visiting my site! I compiled all of the different skills I have to offer into one convenient location.


TomTom TV Live is my YouTube channel where I host live streaming concerts and interview local artists. This provides excellent publicity materials for musicians, as well as a way to reach out directly to fans. If you are interested in being on the show, click here!


TomTom Studio is where I create remixes of songs, collaborate with artists to create music, add professional drum tracks and more. Check out my work here, and contact me directly for a consultation. My price for services starts as low as $50 for a fully produced drum track. 


The Tomcast is an extension of TomTom TV, allowing for people to listen to TomTom TV shows in a podcast format, as well as provide interviews with creators OTHER than musicians! Stay tuned for the rollout of The Tomcast... in the meantime, I am recording a backlog of shows for future release. Interested in being on the show? 

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