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Customized Drum Lessons 
30-Minute Drum Lesson: $35 
Pay as you go. 

60-Minute Lesson: $50
Pay as you go.

Lesson Packages: 

3 30-Minute Lessons - $90*
3 60-Minute Lessons - $125*

Discounted rates are offered for purchasing lesson packages. These lessons are non-refundable but can be rescheduled if needed. 

Remix Pricing:

Let me at it: $150 
(I'll create a whole new version of your song from my own perspective. You will receive a set of stems with my mix, and a set of stems pre-mixer. This does not include mastering services.)

Bespoke: $200 
(I'll create a remix based on your vision/direction. Includes a set of HQ .wav stems with my mix and a set pre-mixer)

Visualizer: $100
(I can create a music video using audio visualizer software and produce it for you)


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